Wolfgang Laubersheimer


Designer Wolfgang Laubersheimer | Germany

Wolfgang Laubersheimer,born in Bad Kreuznach (D) in 1955, is one of the founders of the “Pentagon” group which had great success in the exhibition “Documenta 8” at Kassel. Furniture of simple forms using durable materials which contrast on one side with the “Gute Form” of postwar Bauhaus traditions and on the other the post-modern tendencies of the 80’s. The intention of these young german designers being, to create independent projects which radically change the traditional concept of living.

Born in 1955, Wolfgang Laubersheimer studied metal sculpture in Cologne, where he also co-founded the Pentagon artists group; a collective which, in addition to Laubersheimer, included Reinhard Müller, Gerd Arens, Ralph Sommer, and Meyer Voggenreiter.

In 1992, Wolfgang Laubersheimer was appointed Professor of Production Technology at Cologne University of Applied Sciences (now Cologne International School of Design) where he has been Director since 2013. He has participated in numerous exhibitions including, for example, documenta 8 in Kassel where Pentagon converted an old discotheque and created the highly acclaimed Café Casino.

Wolfgang Laubersheimer has co-operated with an international roster of companies including Mercedes Benz or Swatch, participated in numerous competitions and conducted guest projects at universities around the world. However, his most important project remains the Verspanntes Regal shelf for Nils Holger Moormann – an icon of the New German design, which in the 1980s developed as a counter movement to functionalism and against the dictum of the Good Form.

In 1990 Wolfgang Laubersheimer took over the Verspanntes Regal himself meaning each and every example is an original from the artist.

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