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Do you only see furniture as a way to make your home more practical? Why not get a new perspective and consider a collectable as a personal buy and the way to create a stunning focal point in your bedroom or lounge?

What Makes a Collectable?

A collectable item often has a special back story. Whether it’s mid century modern furniture in the form of a chair, or a vintage lamp or sofa, collectables are valuable buys that also have personal meaning.

You’ll enjoy owning a collectable from a unique time in history that carries special meaning for you. There are the floral patterns of the 70s or the sleek lines from mid century modern furniture. You can get your hands on a contemporary piece that shows off your excellent taste or celebrate the origins of an iconic item, such as the Wassily chair. You’ll still find authentic or replicated pieces today and one item can give your entire room a new feel.

Consider a unique, rare piece or a very popular item that’s a little hard to come by. Relish what it means to you, and others may just be a little envious of your exceptional find.

Shop with these goals in mind and buying furniture becomes a memorable experience, while also ensuring you invest in valuable assets.

Make it Personal & Make an Investment

We help designers, architects and homeowners furnish rooms without breaking budgets, but we also make sure you get the value you deserve. Some of the most iconic collectables from leading European furniture suppliers find their way onto our products lists. Pick the right piece and collectors may want to buy it from you in years to come.

Take Your Pick

Here on PopUpDesign you’ll find classic, vintage and mid century modern furniture to pick from. Make sure to check out the collectables options as an investment AND as a way to express yourself.

Additional options are added regularly, so remember to browse here often to see if something catches your eye.

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