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Purchase quality designer lighting in Australia

Ever felt that your home needed a little something extra? Show off your space with designer quality lighting from ex display and warehouse stock in Australia. Discover a wide range of luxury lighting products from leading designer brands across Europe, direct to you.

Set the ambience with striking lighting pieces that are designed to make an impression— whether it’s for your kitchen, dining, living room or bedroom. Adding a signature European lighting fixtures is the perfect way to smarten up any home, whilst creating the perfect atmosphere that you and your family can enjoy, whether you’re watching TV together, enjoying a home cooked meal or reading in bed.

The complete finishing touch

Interior designers can all agree on one thing: lighting is everything. The type of lighting you install can affect your mood and how much you love spending time in a certain room. For instance, bright lighting is great for wide modern spaces, while studies and offices do better with softer lighting.

But whatever type of designer lighting you are looking for, PopUpDesign will have something beautiful for you without the hefty price tag.

Designer Lightings_Warehouse Furniture_Sextans by Calligaris_PopUpDesign

Give your indoor space a facelift

Find the very best wall fixtures, floor lamps, table lamps, special lights, roof lights and more in our furniture clearance sale. Here, you will discover hundreds of discounted luxury lighting pieces and homewares to choose from.

Find the very best lighting from well known European brands to add sophistication and class to your home.

Giving you more for less

We believe that having a gorgeous home shouldn’t cost an arm and a leg. Our global team of home design professionals and enthusiasts source the most exquisite items and bring them to you for a complete bargain. All our designer lighting items are of the highest quality, sourced directly from manufacturers. They are ready to be shipped, which helps you save time and money.

Designer Lightings_Warehouse Furniture_Pom Pom by Calligaris_PopUpDesign
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