Smart Furniture Shopping

Why You Don’t Buy Cheap and How to Identify the Best Buy

Your home should be your haven away from it all. That means a soft couch to fall onto after a hectic day and some beautiful chairs to transform your room into an inviting space. But you probably feel it will cost a fortune to have the house look just the way you want it.

Is the answer then to buy cheap?

That option actually comes with a few risks, so let’s help you furnish your home the right way.

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The Role of Each Furniture Piece in the Living Room

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How to choose the perfect living room furniture piece

Professional decorators understand that every piece of furniture and every space that furniture fills, speaks to the person entering that room. Living rooms are empty canvasses that can present beautiful pieces of furniture in a way that works together with everything else.

To understand the purpose of each piece of furniture in your living room, let’s break down the various common furniture types and how they fit into your living room as a synchronised unit.

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Living Room Styles and How to Choose Your Style

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Living Room Styles: what to consider and how to choose yours

When we as interior designers view a space, certain thoughts immediately kick into gear. Even first time decorators can learn the basics of interior design with a bit of help.

If you fancy yourself as someone who has an eye for great design, you can be guided by specific elements that should accompany every good living room style.

Knowing what to consider when redesigning your living room—or designing a new one from scratch—can provide you with a step-by-step plan that will not only save you on costs, but also give you the stunning end result you wished for when you started.

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Optimise Your Space – 5 Interesting Ways of Using One Piece of Furniture

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How to Optimise Your Space

No, we’re not all experienced and trained designers. This could make you apprehensive about trying ‘something new’ in your home. Is it really possible to give your space a new look that will look better than what you have at the moment? And if you start playing around with decorative elements like colour you may feel you run the risk of ruining the room completely.

We’re here to assist! Below you’ll find easy but effective ways of using one piece of furniture, no matter what you own or plan on buying. That will show you the many options at your disposal, so you can start playing around and find what works for YOUR space.

Look for Multi-functional Options

The multi-functional approach may not always be obvious, so you need to get creative. This is especially important if you’re furnishing and decorating a small space. Find one item that serves more than one purpose, so you can keep the space uncluttered:

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4 Benefits of Using Online Resources for Decorating Your Home

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Online Resources and Home Decorating

There are many benefits that come with physically shopping in a brick-and-mortar store. The opportunity to pick up a product and inspect it with your own eyes is extremely valuable & leaves little to the imagination.

However, as great as shopping in traditional interior decorating outlets is, to ensure you find the best options for your interior spaces, taking a modern approach—in the form of online shopping—is a worthwhile option many are trying out. The professionals know that going online for decorating your home comes with some surprising perks! Are you ready to give it a try?

If you’re apprehensive about shopping online or still need a little convincing as to why you should shop this way, today’s article was written with you in mind.

We’re about to explore four of the big benefits that come hand in hand with using online resources for home decoration—and we’re bringing you along for the ride!

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The Complete Beginners Guide to Interior

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Transform your home with our interior design guide

Do you wish you had a home that looked like the cover of a magazine? The reason those homes on the cover of magazines look that way is that an experienced interior designer created the décor. This is how these magazines provide interior design ideas to their readers.

The good news: you can create a similar look and wow your visitors in your own home, without paying a pro.

If you’re looking for ways to redecorate your home with your own interior design ideas, perhaps today’s article will assist you. We’ll be giving you a complete beginner’s guide on interior and how you can use these elements to transform your home.

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Hints and tips on caring for designer furniture

Tips on caring for designer furniture

Apart from purchasing or constructing a house from scratch, another investment that takes a huge chunk from an Australian home budget is buying furniture. The cost of buying furniture for your house can be quite high, especially if you’re looking to get something special to make lasting memories with. Australians spend up to $25 000 on home renovations and purchasing new furniture is a huge chunk of that. Even if you’re buying ex display furniture.

This makes it important to carry out proper maintenance to get the most out of your furniture and make it last longer. Most designer furniture pieces today are made of wood, leather and fabric upholstery material. Here’s how you can take better care of them.

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What to know before buying from a furniture warehouse

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Before buying from a furniture warehouse read this

Investing in designer furniture is a decision that certainly pays off big in the long run. And buying from a furniture warehouse has many benefits.

If you’re new to buying ex display or warehouse furniture, there are certain steps that can ease a daunting purchase. Read on to find out helpful guidance on what to know before buying from a furniture warehouse and get your furniture buying experience right!

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