What to know before buying from a furniture warehouse

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Before buying from a furniture warehouse read this

Investing in designer furniture is a decision that certainly pays off big in the long run. And buying from a furniture warehouse has many benefits.

If you’re new to buying ex display or warehouse furniture, there are certain steps that can ease a daunting purchase. Read on to find out helpful guidance on what to know before buying from a furniture warehouse and get your furniture buying experience right!

Be prepared

Preparation is key in your furniture buying journey and a little bit of it can save you some time and cash too. Make a list of wants in line with your lifestyle and most importantly, functionality. Share your ideas with your family and household members and listen to their preferences to ensure everyone will get maximum use out of the purchase.

You don’t want to get all confused with the choices available. People generally make up to 35 000 decisions in a day, which can lead to extreme decision fatigue. So making as many decisions as you can ahead of purchase time can help reduce you feeling overwhelm and making choices that you might regret later on!

Get clear on your interior style

Your home is a reflection of who you are and your style tells your story. Whether modern, minimalist or the new rustic, it is imperative to choose a style that feels right and matches your personality and lifestyle. Know the style you want and the feature items that make it right for you.

‘Your home should tell the story of who you are and be a collection of what you love,’ Nate Berkus.

Balance is critical here as an over the top look can date quite quickly and make you feel cramped. Be realistic about how you use your home and its contents. Don’t buy a piece just because it looks amazing but you will never really use, otherwise you might grow to resent it.

Luxury furniture always provides that exotic and unique upgrade to your home; that’s why it’s still a top choice for people with great interior taste and style.

Colour palette

Choosing the right colour palette is an integral, yet wildly overlooked, decision you have to make before visiting a furniture store. Be it monochrome, mix and match or colour blocking, there should be a natural transition in the tones of your household furniture.

Synergy should exist between your living room pieces and the dining and bedroom sets to make great decor and a seamless flow through the home. Functionality is just as important as aesthetics here. If you have pets that love to lie on the couch, white could end up being a disaster as it shows up all those little marks.

Darker shades and patterns are best suited for households with little kids and pets. You can also include colourful pieces that stand out and call attention to a distinct feature of your home. If you are living in a rented apartment, neutral hues like beige, grey and taupe are a great choice, particularly if you don’t have a lot of control over the wall shades. Plus, neutral tones are a lot easier to style and will seamlessly work if you change your location.

It pays to choose your colour palette and plan your furniture pieces along with it. Try these online colour palette tools to help you get a cohesive look. Alternatively, you can research Pinterest and Instagram to get inspiration for snazzy decor and style before your purchase.


It is crucial to make furniture choices that fit your space. Ordering items from a furniture warehouse that are too big for your room can be just as futile as making a square peg fit into a round hole. Ensure you use a tape measure to work out the space where you will place the items.

These days you can even purchase a digital laser tape and there are apps available to help with measurements of available space and planning a room’s layout.

Out of place, oversized or awkwardly fitting furniture can mar your interior and ruin your style. There are perfect furniture options for every size and even having a small room doesn’t mean you will be cramped for space or have to choose all tiny furniture.

Don’t forget to measure your doorway, stairwell or entrance to ensure your new piece of furniture can fit through!

Know your budget

Getting new pieces of furniture can be pricey and add up. Australians are collectively spending more than eight billion dollars on home renovations each year.

So it is essential to know your budget and work within it because it can be all too tempting to blow it. Knowing your purchasing power helps you select the best option that not only works for your home but your budget as well.

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