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What exactly is ex display designer furniture?

One of the most popular questions we come across while delivering designer quality furniture pieces is: what exactly is ex display furniture?

Below, we’ll explain why it’s one of the most attainable ways to give your family that luxury lifestyle that you dream of.

Ex display = ex flagship

Have you ever noticed how new flagship phone models are prominently displayed to showcase their best features when you go to buy a new phone? That is exactly what ex display designer furniture are, the best of the best pieces, used to call attention to the brand.

As the seasons change and new designs make it to the market, these furniture design houses have to clear the floor/storefront to make room for new stock. And that is exactly what you get, premium designer furniture that will outlast cheaper models. 

Better yet, they are all packed up and ready to be shipped, delivered or picked up which is why it is much cheaper and harder to find, as these clearance sales are only available in certain cities at certain times.

Not only are they a lot cheaper than brand new, ex display furniture pieces are still on trend enough to complement any home decor. Plus, you save more and can add value to your home with ex display furniture.

Are my ex display furniture pieces damaged or used?

It is important to note that ex display furniture pieces are not second hand, as they haven’t been used in anyone’s home except in display homes and shops. However, since they are not “out of the box” new, some items may have minor marks or scuffs on them but these will always be pointed out in the product description.

This allows you to acquire new or as good as new designer furniture pieces, for a fraction of the cost. Especially, if you’re looking to incorporate European furniture into the Australian home.  

Why is ex display designer furniture cheaper?

It all has to do with the principles of demand and supply. When you go into a store to buy furniture, you need that furniture and will be willing to pay higher to acquire it. Especially if you want to get the absolute latest piece, right then and there. However, things are a little different for ex display designer furniture.

In this case, it is the furniture brand or shop that wants to get rid of their display furniture to make way for piping hot new stock. So, they are willing to let them go for much lower prices, often making them more unique and sought after.

There are other factors when it comes to the price of these items. Because of the nature of our sales model, you can only view PopUpDesigns clearance sale items online, rather than in person, which the lower price compensates for. The convenience of ordering designer and trusted brands online, however, soon makes up for this.

What is the difference between ex display furniture and warehouse furniture?

Ex display furniture and warehouse furniture both operate on a similar principle, however, warehouse furniture comes from, well, warehouses.

Sometimes, this means that they could be in marginally better shape than ex display furniture. This is because they have had less exposure to external elements, in carton boxes or climate controlled warehouses. This does not mean that they are better than ex display furniture as those are often top of the line models, of better value. This is not always the case though, because ex display furniture is often kept looking its best and is only on most showroom floors for a very limited amount of time. Typically, a store will keep an item on show for 90 days at the most to coincide with seasons.

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