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Learn how designer European furniture works well in the Australian home

Australians have a strict sense of culture in most aspects of their lives and this can be seen even in the interior decor of their homes. And because of the reputation and clout, most of us have long sought out furniture pieces from Europe as a result of its rich artistic history and heritage.

More than 33 per cent of Australians were born in Europe, so it’s fair to say that the  style and sophistication are in our blood and you can see why we want to bring that aspect into our homes. It’s easy to improve your home decor with premium quality European furniture, lighting and homewares even if you’re living in Australia.

What exactly should you look out for when selecting a European furniture piece?

71.1 per cent of Australians live in stand alone house and they are often quite specific to our way of life and our climate. Here are some unique characteristics that make up the modern day interior decor of a typical Australian home.

Combining comfort and style

Australians are well known for our laid back and relaxed approach to life but what is less known is our penchant for luxury living. This characteristic often translates into the types and style of furniture pieces that fill our homes.

When it comes to choosing a piece of European furniture, most people gravitate towards signature pieces that give an informal, homely feel and that don’t need a lot of maintenance. This portrayal of stylish comfort stems from the love of the adventurous, outdoor life style, thanks to our glorious weather.

In short, Australians love furniture pieces that radiate freedom, coziness, the quirkiness of nature and open spaces to a certain level at the same time. This is why you should opt for interior decor styles that are very casual and yet comfortable. That’s where designer furniture comes into play.

European quality every time

When it comes to choosing between price and quality, quality is going to win every time. This is why we made it our charter to provide affordable ex display and warehouse European furniture pieces, made of robust materials to ensure that you get the most out of your home.

Most Australian homes typically contain a family. In fact, 71 per cent are comprised of an average of 2.6 people. That means that most people are living with the chaos and joy that a family unit can bring. Quite often that can mean your furniture can take quite a beating. This is the top reason why you should be considering investing in quality furniture that has more robustness and will stand the test of time. Rather than getting cheap furniture that has been mass produced that you’re likely going to have to replace in a year’s time.

Consider your indoor space

When it comes to chairs for the kitchen or living area, most Australians go for furniture that can fit into any size of space. You can typically find free flowing indoor spaces devoid of cumbersome furniture pieces, interspersed with crisp natural lighting. It must also be very comfortable, with a soft and user friendly approach. Australians tend to watch an average of 75 hours of television a month, which indicates the kind of indoor relaxation activities that we love to partake. And if we don’t have comfy furniture to do that in, we won’t enjoy our home as much.

The Australian climate and environment do play a huge part in the type of European furniture you should choose to make up your interior design. This can be seen in the playful, strong colours found in most homes in the country.

Price still matters

We all desire high quality furniture but at a price we can afford. European furniture is known to be at the top end of the budget. However, you can get designer quality sofas, chairs, armchairs, bedframe, tables, homewares and more from time tested European brands at PopUpDesign at more than affordable prices.

Furniture to last a lifetime

Longevity is another characteristic most people look out for when deciding on European furniture. Australians love furniture pieces that can last for several generations. This is why most bedside and kitchen furniture are built from premium hardwood. Hardwood furniture is not only known for being highly durable but is in tune with our love for the adventurous outdoors.

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