The benefits of warehouse furniture in your home

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Benefits of buying designer warehouse furniture

Are you in the market for some furniture but not sure whether getting a piece of warehouse furniture is the right decision for you and your family? A good number of Aussies are already across this trend and enjoying the benefits.

Below, we outline the perks of purchasing ex display and warehouse furniture and why it’s an excellent choice for you.

What is ex display or warehouse furniture?

This refers to designer furniture pieces which have been on display and are now being let go to make space for new stock. Generally, these pieces are on the floor in brick and mortar retail shops or even used for display in homes that are staged for sale.

These ex display and warehouse furniture items are often sold on sale at a discounted price. They are entirely different from second hand items as they have never been used in anyone’s home, only in the showrooms of designer furniture stores. So their usage has been kept to a minimum, they have been stored in ideal conditions and kept clean.

Essentially, it is still the same great piece but available to the public at a lower price with almost no compromise on the quality.

Benefits of purchasing ex display or warehouse furniture

Are you wondering why you should buy a warehouse piece of furniture rather than a completely new one? Below are some of the advantages of purchasing ex display furniture at one of PopUpDesigns’ clearance sales .

Save money

Ex display and warehouse furniture are often put up for sale at lower prices; hence you don’t need to break the bank to get that designer piece of your choice. Consider it a great way to get high end furniture without the premium expenses.

More money to put where it matters

What’s more, the money you save from this purchase instead of getting a new one can go into extra little touches, such as lighting or homewares that complete the look and style of your interior. Or even the fixture and fittings that genuinely add value to your home.

For instance, the extra cash you save from buying warehouse furniture instead of new can afford you solar powered panels. Solar panels can save you money on your bills plus help you feed excess power back to the grid, just like one in five homes in Australia do.

With Australians spending an average of $1270.80 per square metre to build a new home, you want to be able to save where you can so you don’t have to compromise on your lifestyle when you’ve finally got your dream home.

A designer look for less

Warehouse furniture has that modern style look that can bring the upgrade you desire to your home interior. These pieces can define your taste as they are usually unique and not the anywhere and everywhere kind of items, which you often find at mass produced flat pack shops.

They are advertised items and are icons of quality and style of designer brands and were hand selected by the experienced industry professionals to be at the forefront of displays. Let’s face it, if they were less than attractive items, they’d be shoved deep in the back somewhere!

Say goodbye to cheap furniture

Find premium designer furniture that will outlast cheaper models in the market today on PopUpDesign. They are made with high end materials and neat finishings and will have a better life span. Even if your home has messy kids or pets or you get a lot of use out of your furniture.

Purchasing ex display warehouse furniture is the way to go if you are in search of unique furniture options that suit your lifestyle and budget. Plus, they’ll make you the envy of your friends and neighbours.

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