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Why You Don’t Buy Cheap and How to Identify the Best Buy

Your home should be your haven away from it all. That means a soft couch to fall onto after a hectic day and some beautiful chairs to transform your room into an inviting space. But you probably feel it will cost a fortune to have the house look just the way you want it.

Is the answer then to buy cheap?

That option actually comes with a few risks, so let’s help you furnish your home the right way.

Cheap vs High End Furniture: What’s the Difference?

You may feel a chair is a chair. Not so!

There’s a vast difference between buying your quality kitchen table from a respectable vendor and picking a cheap alternative from the nearest general store. That difference in price is because of the following:

  • Material: Manufacturers use different types of materials, coming from different sources. Your furniture should be made of materials that are safe and durable. 
  • Workmanship: At first glance a chair may look decent to you but go up close and you’re bound to notice flaws in the cheaper alternative. You’ll often see the difference in the finish of the pieces. Joints may not be flush or colours may seem hazy rather than vibrant. A lack of good workmanship can be because a manufacturer produces as many pieces as possible in a short period of time, just to have stock to sell. There’s no time for attention to detail.
  • Durability: Especially furniture pieces like dinner tables that are used often must be able to withstand daily use. A durable designer piece won’t look scratched and damaged just because your knives and forks clatter onto it each day. Also, the much used sofa in the living room shouldn’t look old after just a few months of the family relaxing in front of the TV on a daily basis.
  • Manufacturing methods: A quality designer piece will often have handmade components which has aesthetic value but will also last longer compared to many mass-produced items.
  • Style: A cheap, mass-produced item may have a trendy look that quickly becomes outdated. A handmade chair can look stylish even if trends change and high end furniture is often timeless, so it will complement your home for years to come.
  • Comfort: Cheaper alternatives will never offer the plush comfort with good back support a high-end piece of furniture will have. Comfort is vital when it comes to chairs, so to have the ideal place to relax in the evening, quality items are necessary.

With cheap furniture, manufacturers don’t much care about the outcomes of all these factors, resulting in mediocre quality.

Risks of Buying Cheap Furniture

Much like clothing, if you settle for the cheaper options with the low price tags you’re bound to realise you wasted your money. Like last year’s jacket that now looks faded and frumpy, your furniture will also start showing its true level of quality.

Unfortunately, the risks of cheap furniture affects aesthetics, but also safety of those using it:

  • Less durable pieces are bound to damage easily and even break. This can lead to injury, for example if a chair breaks when you sit down. In addition, you’ll have to replace it much sooner than you planned, making cheap buys actually much more expensive.
  • The fabric on cheaper items won’t look so good in a few months’ time. Sun will easily let colours fade and the fibres may even start to fray, especially if it’s a piece you use often.
  • You place your family’s health at risk when buying from cheaper manufacturers that use adhesives and paints with high levels of formaldehyde. If you’ve ever opened a new item at home and caught that funny odour, you know what we’re talking about. Although it dissipates over time, it can actually affect your health, such as causing breathing problems.

You can see that picking out furniture requires much more consideration than many homeowners think it does.

Of course, because of the realities of your budget, you may be unable to purchase that high end piece you know will look good and last long. That’s why more and more Australians are turning to discounted wares.

Budget Friendly Solution: Buy Discounted Wares

The good news for anyone realising the value of quality, designer furniture is that it’s now much easier to kit out your home with these types of items. Thanks to improved communication and advanced transportation, handmade European furniture can now reach Australian shores, helping locals to furnish their homes with designer tables, chairs and more that will last a long time.

Here at PopUpDesign, the cost of these pieces come at discount rates, making it possible for almost any household to own classy, European furniture, no matter the available budget. This is possible because we purchase display pieces or ones that have been discontinued, obtaining them from leading manufacturers at record low prices.

Each piece is still of the best quality and you can own a statement piece that no one else in your neighbourhood can get their hands on.

We invite you to take a look at our available range. Your home can be even more striking and comfortable than you think!

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