Optimise Your Space – 5 Interesting Ways of Using One Piece of Furniture

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How to Optimise Your Space

No, we’re not all experienced and trained designers. This could make you apprehensive about trying ‘something new’ in your home. Is it really possible to give your space a new look that will look better than what you have at the moment? And if you start playing around with decorative elements like colour you may feel you run the risk of ruining the room completely.

We’re here to assist! Below you’ll find easy but effective ways of using one piece of furniture, no matter what you own or plan on buying. That will show you the many options at your disposal, so you can start playing around and find what works for YOUR space.

Look for Multi-functional Options

The multi-functional approach may not always be obvious, so you need to get creative. This is especially important if you’re furnishing and decorating a small space. Find one item that serves more than one purpose, so you can keep the space uncluttered:

  • Turn a bed into a DIY sofa and you’ll have space for visitors to sleep
  • Your desk-by-day can make a perfect dinner table
  • A wooden or fabric cube can be a seat or a side table

Don’t be limited by what the label tells you it is—turn furniture into what you need!

Create Storage EVERYWHERE

A lack of storage space is common in many homes. So, look at your bed or small bench and see where you can add a drawer or cupboard underneath.

You don’t have to change the furniture itself necessarily. Simply find the right type of container or storage boxes that will roll underneath, out of your way. In this way you’re turning multiple furniture pieces into cupboards, so you can remove loose cupboards and win back some floor space. Once again an excellent tip for small spaces, but any home can benefit from seeming less cluttered.

Make the Most of Each Surface

Do you really need an additional side table for a lamp, or will a floor lamp, or a floating shelf work? This option can also be excellent to keep a few books on hand, without you sacrificing floor space with an additional small table.

Take it Up!

The reason why you don’t optimise your furniture and your space could be because of a lack of DIY skills. But if you realise what you can gain by taking furniture items a little higher than you’re used to, you’ll know that hiring a handyman is a wise investment. Imagine the following:

  • Instead of cluttering your desk with odds and ends, take your storage space up by installing a floating shelf
  • When furniture covers floor space, that’s when the area starts to feel cluttered. So, take back your room by using a wall mounted desk. Add a stunning chair and you once again have a stylish office area; this time without feeling cramped while you should be concentrating on work. 
  • Place your TV on the wall instead of putting it on a stand, saving valuable floor space.

Opposites and Similarities

Here’s the good news: there’s not really ONE RIGHT way to decorate. When it comes to playing with colours and themes, there are more than one way to transform your space, make your favourite imported furniture pieces stand out and keep balance all the way. Some smart interior design tips will help you get it right:

  • Opposites attract: If you have an antique desk that’s been in the family for years, it’s not necessary to only have antiques in the room to make it fit. Add a modern chair or table and the contrast will show off all of the valuable items perfectly. This rule even works for using a dark coloured piece with a very light carpet or placing a chair with a busy motif close to a much plainer looking sofa.
  • Repeat patterns: To create unity in the room, repeat certain images or patterns so one of the pieces don’t look out of place. For example, if your favourite chair has stripes, add some more pieces with similar striping throughout the room.
  • Show colour in three areas: Perhaps you’re scared of adding a sofa of a very bright colour; even though you love the sofa itself. As long as you can repeat that hue in two or three other areas in the room, it will look stunning!

See? You have many options to try!


Are you seeking change because your space feels cramped or are you simply in the mood for something different? You can see these tips are relevant to anyone thinking of redecorating.

Now that you know your many options in home decorating, start shopping for the ideal furniture pieces to make it happen!

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