The Power of Picking the Right Furniture—5 Tips to Transform Your Outdoors

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How to transform your outdoor

When you’re renovating or setting up a home you just bought, you probably spend hours picking out the perfect pieces for each room. That’s how you get that unified look that will awe your visitors.

Now the question is: do you apply this same focus when doing your outside areas? Yes, you can pick a few items when you come across an outdoor furniture clearance sale but why not take your time, plan well and make sure you pick the RIGHT items.

How do you do that? Our guidelines will help you set up the ideal outdoor space that you’ll love as much your interior.

Keep it Beautiful AND Functional

You may be tempted to go with the first piece you see or that patio set your friends are gushing about. But with each piece you should ask yourself whether it carries the following two characteristics: functionality and beauty.

If one of these are absent, you won’t optimize the space, so you’ll be less inclined to use it. Picking dual purpose pieces is an excellent example of functionality:

  • Can the storage unit double as a table so you can make lunch outside?
  • Pick a seating unit with interior storage space so you can store games, pillows or blankets nearby. This convenience will prompt you to use the space more and more.
  • When a bench also serves as seating at the table, you don’t have to purchase additional chairs, which prevents the area from becoming cluttered.
  • If you enjoy sunbathing, make sure you purchase an armchair or sunbed that makes it comfortable to enjoy the hot weather.

Need Some Storage Space?

Above we mentioned storage and this is a vital feature to consider. For one thing, make it easy to protect items when the rain comes. Pillows, toys or a fabric umbrella should find easy cover inside a cupboard or dual-purpose outdoor sofa.

Also, when you don’t have to run inside to fetch items like glasses, picnic blankets or utensils for the barbecue, you’ll enjoy your space so much more. Keep them on hand or you’ll just see outside gatherings as unnecessary effort and end up eating and chatting inside the house.

Low Maintenance is Key

No matter what pieces you pick on that outdoor furniture clearance sale, make sure you won’t regret the buy because of the maintenance issue. Remember, our outdoor furniture will become dirty much faster than the indoor pieces. Look for smooth surfaces that are easy to wipe down or a removable pillow so you can shake it out if the wind covered it in dust and debris.

If you really want to make it easy on yourself, pick items that won’t get damaged by water. Then, once in a while, simply take the hose and wash off the dirt.

Colours Matter—Even Outside

Colour palettes only matter inside, right? Wrong!

You should use colours in the same way you decorate inside your rooms. Colours can make a space more inviting, so if you want your family to feel comfortable when spending time outside, use warm colours or use calming blues if you need the ultimate zone of tranquility.

Make sure the furniture colours work well with your exterior wall colours. You can even liven up a plain garden that contains many green bushes with a few colourful furniture pieces.

Check the Design Details

Will the type of design you pick suit all circumstances? Here are a few common mistakes people have made, which you should try and avoid:

  • Rather pick heavier items than aluminium chairs if you live in a region known for hectic windstorms. A light aluminium chair can easily be moved or tilted by a gust, creating a safety hazard.
  • Perhaps you fall in love with a chair but you forget to compare the diameter of the legs with the gaps between the boards of your deck. If they’re too narrow they may slip through. A very thin chair leg can also push holes in your grass if you place a chair there, so rather go for something a bit bulkier.

This shows the importance of considering all consequences of the pieces you pick during your next outdoor furniture clearance sale.

Design also influences quality and with outdoor furniture you need to think long-term. The furniture will need to withstand wind, sun and possibly rain. This is why you should sometimes avoid the cheap, mass produced items and invest in designer furniture, built to last.


For too long gardens and outside areas have been neglected. They should be high on your priority list because it affects curb appeal. Also, a beautiful and functional space will prompt you to spend more time in the fresh air so you can enjoy a better quality lifestyle.

That’s the power of picking the right outdoor furniture clearance items the next time you shop and we can help you with finding what you need.

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