Living Room Styles and How to Choose Your Style

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Living Room Styles: what to consider and how to choose yours

When we as interior designers view a space, certain thoughts immediately kick into gear. Even first time decorators can learn the basics of interior design with a bit of help.

If you fancy yourself as someone who has an eye for great design, you can be guided by specific elements that should accompany every good living room style.

Knowing what to consider when redesigning your living room—or designing a new one from scratch—can provide you with a step-by-step plan that will not only save you on costs, but also give you the stunning end result you wished for when you started.

So, what living room styles should you consider before designing yours, and how do you choose the best one for your space?

5 Things to Consider Before Designing Your Living Room

How Much Space Do I Have?

The amount of space you have in a given area will determine whether you should opt for a spacious living room design or a cosy one. Try and picture all the elements you want in your mind’s eye, and then determine what will fit and what you may be forced to exclude to avoid a space that is too crowded.

What is My Budget?

Setting your budget at the onset of a new living room design is equally important, whether you’re doing the decorating yourself or hiring an interior decorator. Taking your colour scheme and furniture into account, decide what you can afford without compromising on the level of style you’re aiming for.

What is My Ideal Colour Scheme?

While most people have a fairly decent eye for what colours go together, many fail to imagine the end result before forking out money on all their design elements. Remember that colours may go well together, but different shades result in different effects.

A good eye for how your colours will blend is a good skill to have before commencing your living room design. If you’re not sure about this part of the design phase, consult a home decorator at PopUpDesign beforehand.  

How Can I Best Utilise Empty Spaces?

Some empty spaces should remain empty to create a feeling of openness. However, knowing when & how to utilise empty space takes a good eye and a bit of strategic forethought.

What Living Room Style Do I Actually Want?

Now that you know what interior designers look out for before decorating a living room, let’s look at some of the different styles you can choose from—and which one is best for your living space.

Different Living Room Styles


A modern living room design is often fairly open, spacious and contains contemporary furniture elements such as glass, steel, leather and furniture that’s clean and neutral. Choose a modern design if you have lots of space to work with and are able to encourage a high level of light into your living room.


Taking a small space living room and turning it into a cosy little haven is a very satisfying task for anyone who loves interior decorating. Cosy living rooms might be smaller, but they are full of warmth and comfortable furniture—perfect for settling down with a good book or a snuggling to watch a show.


Minimalist decorating encourages open spaces for freer movement. If your living room is used to move through the house very often, then you may benefit from minimalist living room décor.


Luxury living rooms give off a warm feeling, but can still be large. They usually make clever use of space by filling it with bookshelves, fireplaces or warm lamp designs. Luxury rooms are comfortable, opulent and can include a great combination of rustic and modern designs in one large space.


The farmhouse effect has quickly sprung back onto the trendy list. Living rooms that express a farmhouse effect are usually decorated with lots of wood and classic style rugs & furniture.


It seems that the Victorian era will never go out of style. If you want your living room to have that classic, opulent English look that includes stylish futons and bear claw furniture, then a Victorian style living room is a good way to go.


If you love your living room to have that ‘cabin in the woods’ feel, go for a rustic style living room. You can take rustic elements and still give your living space a contemporary twist without compromising on this theme. Rustic style living rooms usually feature lots of wooden elements and work well in a room with a fireplace.

Final Thoughts

Choosing your ideal furniture for a living room will have a more rounded look if you stick to one style. Even the most adventurous home decorators know that certain living room decors never go out of style, and this list is a good basis to work from.

If you’re looking for ideas to spruce up your living room PopUpDesign has stunning furniture pieces that will complement your space. No matter what theme you’re going for, PopUpDesign will have what you’re looking for.

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