Gianni Pareschi

Gianni Pareschi

Gianni Pareschi | Italy

Born in 1940 in Milan, where he graduated from the Polytechnic in 1965, he had quickly come to success with the famous Fiocco armchair, which became part of the permanent MoMA collection, and then with the Libro and Armadillo armchairs, designed in the ’70s for Busnelli and characterized by unusual structural systems.

At the beginning of the seventies he founded the G14 Progettazione, a professional structure that resumed an organizational attention born during his studies,of which he directed the Industrial Design Center since 1974.

In the same years he worked with Enzo Frateili, Ennio Chiggio, Angelo Cortesi, Alberto Marangoni and Pietro Salmoiraghi in the reorganization of ADI,  to rework the principles of design theory and professional practice after the turbulent period of the late 1960s.

In 1984 he founded the GP&CO studio, which provided product strategy services, corporate image coordination, art direction, communication and trend analysis. Furniture, interior architecture, design of elements for the home, bathroom and kitchen remain the main sectors of activity as always.

Responsible for a few years at the Industrial Design Department of the IED in Milan, he founded, together with his son Mattia, the studio Gianni and Mattia Pareschi, active in the field of design as well as that of architecture.