7 Insane (But True) Things About Interior

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True Things About Interior

So, you’ve bought your first house and you want to decorate it. Or, perhaps you just want to add something of your own personality to the space you’re renting. Or are you curious about office interior design?

Let’s face it, it can be rather daunting thinking of transforming a space. Which interior design styles will really work for you, your clients or your family?

Here’s our tip: Relax! There are many different ways of getting interior design right. So, if you want to start shopping for furniture or pick a paint colour, go for it! These very surprising facts may help you get started. Some provide some helpful information and others will show you that you shouldn’t take life too seriously. After all, decorating your interior should be fun!

ALL 5 Senses Matter

Did you ever stop to think and realise that your perception of a room doesn’t only depend on design elements? For most of us the odour in the room and even the sounds can affect how we feel about being there.

How does this help your interior design challenges? Make sure there’s a table surface for an aromatic candle or a hidden speaker to drown out traffic noise with music. Charm your guests through all senses possible.

Outside Matters for the Inside

Here’s another factor at play which you may not have realised: the power of the outdoors. That means, the dying tree outside in your garden may be the reason you feel somber when you enter the living room. Even though you don’t focus on it, you notice it subconsciously. So, liven up your rooms by adding greenery outside, or some colourful flowers at the window that complement the interior design styles you picked.

It’s ALL Psychological

So, we already mentioned the subconscious, and now we’ll elaborate. In most cases, the colours and interior design styles you pick have a psychological impact on anyone using the room.

The experts believe that the hues will affect how someone feels and even acts. This is the reason designers may pick blue or green for a living room. It brings calm, an essential component for some homeowners after busy workdays. This helps people relax, instead of continuing their stressful thought patterns.

In other rooms, such as offices, where you want people to feel excited or pick up on your confidence, decorators may use oranges and reds.

Once again, this interesting fact can help you with your decorating challenges. Not sure if a chair or table is worth the money? Consider how the colours make you feel. If it leaves you smiling, you’re making an investment in your mental health; simply by buying furniture .

Some Trends Work for EVERYONE

Different design factors have led to multiple interior design styles over the years. People are different, right? So, it makes sense that they pursue different looks.

But certain trends simply WORK for all cultures and communities:

  • Scandinavian: This is a simplistic, but functional approach to design. You’ll find many consumers who love living in such environments. So, if your family can’t make up their minds, pick this style. The plain—often white—backgrounds of the Scandinavian look also make it easy to add a piece of furniture that represents your personality, since most colours won’t clash with this look.
  • Light: You can’t go wrong with adding more light to a room. If your renovation includes plans to add more windows, you’re on the right track. Rooms will be inviting and you’ll even be eco-friendly since you’re using more natural light.

A Surprising Favourite: Minimalism

In today’s chaotic lifestyles and desire to earn & own more ‘things’ all the time, you’ll be surprised at the interior design styles that tend to be consumer favourites. One of them is ‘minimalism’. No clutter and no overspending on unnecessary objects.

There’s a 2500-year Old Carpet Still in Existence

The uninformed may consider interior design to be inconsequential. What are the chances of the chair, lamp or table you pick today surviving years from now?

You’ll be surprised!

There’s a 2500-year old carpet, from Siberia in Russia. Even after all these years, it’s still striking.

Designers Have Died for Their Passion

Another old, interesting fact is that interior design wasn’t always as safe as it is these days. As recent as the 1800s, people died for their craft. This was because of the decorative paints that contained lead, arsenic, and other toxic elements.

Luckily, today you can shop with peace of mind that modern manufacturers go to great pains to give you stunning furniture and décor that are also safe. So, you can shop with peace of mind. And now you have some tips to get your design project started.

Do you have more interesting facts to share about interior matters? We’d love to hear your stories!

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