2021 Interior Decorating — 5 Trends You MUST Know About

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What is trending in home decor in 2021.

What is on your checklist when you’re planning the interior décor of your home or office?

Yes, of course you must leave something of your own personality in the design. After all, you should adore walking into those rooms.

But don’t forget to consider interior trends in the current market as well. Using them to guide you comes with many benefits:

  • If you’re decorating to resell or impress clients, your space must look modern. Show you’re moving with the times.
  • Trends come from market leaders who know what works. Using certain colour palettes, textures or styles together guarantees a final product you can be proud of.
  • Shopping according to a trend means you’re bound to find multiple options in store. Make sure you have a lot to pick from so it’s a fun process and you increase the chances of finding pieces you adore.

So, now that you know this is the way to go, what should you look for at the moment? For the 2020/2021 seasons, here are our favourite interior trends to help you plan your rooms.

Keep it Natural

When we say ‘natural’ you can consider two approaches:

  • Outdoors indoors: Include plant life in your interior planning so you don’t even have to go outside to enjoy some greenery. You can create a vertical garden inside your home or make sure there’s enough surfaces for potted plants.
  • Organic elements: When you pick out your furniture, look for natural, organic fabrics and substances. Of course, we all try to avoid plastic these days, right? But take it further and opt for stone, marble, cane and wood.

Note that this doesn’t mean a return to a complete boho style. Make sure your rooms still look refined thanks to expert finishes. That’s one reason why it’s smart to shop designer pieces.

Don’t be TOO Scared of Colour

Of course, with a natural approach you can use muted tones, but that doesn’t mean your rooms should seem boring. Add splashes of colour with eye-catching pieces that will easily match with your organic elements.

A blue pillow or green tile can instantly liven up a room. And the trend influencers won’t frown upon patterns either. Think mermaid tiles, scallops and constellations and you’ll be on point.

Contrast in the Kitchen

If you have a family, you’re bound to spend lots of time in the kitchen together. Make sure it’s a place you’ll love thanks to eye catching cupboards and surfaces. And for this season it means contrasting dark tones such as black, grey or blue with whites.

Tip: Grey is the color of 2021 and luckily it’s so easy to match with many other interior approaches.

This approach looks ultra-stylish, but it’s also wise for the long term. If you’re in the mood for something new it’s easy to change. Simply swap out appliances, décor, chairs or other loose items and the new ensemble will still look impressive against the two-tone backdrop.

And by the way, being sustainable and timeless is part of being trendy these days. So, creating a canvas that you can match a variety of styles to is the way to go.

Mid Century Modern is STILL Modern

This is probably the way to go if you want a collectable in your home. The style from the 1950s left an everlasting impression on modern society and it’s not disappearing any time soon. Designers and decorators still appreciate the wood finishes and chic of those years.

So, shop for the focal point of your room with mid century modern style in mind. If you want your rooms to STAY trendy for years to come you may have to change various features. But the mid century modern chair or lamp can stay.

This makes for effortless future decorating and smart investments!

Upcycling is Now a Thing

If you can’t find décor items that you love while shopping, why not simply transform them? Buy an existing chair, table or lamp that almost suits your style and add your own influence.

Across the globe there’s support for upcycling items. Firstly, you’re helping to ensure there’s less waste in terms of discarded stock. Secondly, you have the chance to use your own creativity while still adding trendy items to your rooms.

Now, here’s the good news. No matter what the eventual look of YOUR home will be, you have an easy way to attain it. Bonus: you don’t have to break the bank or settle for low quality!

At PopUpDesign we’ll help you source quality European furniture for affordable prices. With stock coming from leading designers and manufacturers, you know it will be trendy. And it’s built to last so you’re making wise long-term investments for your home.

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