What Does Your Home Décor Say About You?

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The deeper meaning of your decor style.

Did you really pick out that new designer furniture because of the sales tag attached to it or was there ‘something else’ that attracted you to it? And the piece of art hanging on the wall: what exactly prompted you to select that for your living room’s feature wall?

Consider each décor item in your home. If you’re honest with yourself you’re bound to find a deeper meaning to them and this often relates to your personality, your personal preferences and even past experiences.

Want to get to know yourself—or someone else—a little better? Or, do you want it to go smooth when you again shop for designer furniture online? Shopping will be easier if you can unravel what you’re really after.

Or perhaps you want to buy someone a gift of European furniture but you’re not sure what they would really like? These answers can be discerned by looking at what’s in the home right now.

Sound farfetched? Read on and see how many of these scenarios apply to you.

Are You a Planner? Ask Your Couch

We’ll start off with a simple item that you’ll find in almost any home: the couch in the living room. It’s surprising how much this one item can tell you about yourself or whoever you’re visiting.

Consider the quality of the couch. If it’s of durable fabrics AND displays excellent workmanship, chances are the owner is all about planning for the long-term in life.

Why so much meaning wrapped up in one sofa? Because this item is used on a daily basis. Planners consider the practical aspect and pick pieces that will last. They know it’s wise to purchase couches from quality brands, even if it costs a little more. And when they buy this designer furniture online, they take time to compare, read reviews and research the suppliers.

The effort pays off in the long run when you don’t have to replace it within a few months from purchase.

Do Your Rooms Match or Vary?

Take a walk through anyone’s home and compare the rooms. You can quickly gauge whether he or she is still on the journey of self-discovery or if they’ve settled on certain values & beliefs. This is all revealed by having similar themes, design styles and colour palettes throughout the house.

We’ll quickly point out that there’s no right or wrong here:

  • Multiple design styles can show a person is on the road to self-discovery, still trying out various approaches to life. This creates an exciting journey as you move from one room to the next.
  • Settling on one theme could represent someone’s commitment to a certain way of life. It doesn’t mean a home’s décor ends up being boring because each room can still have something unique.

Do You Prefer Space or Clutter?

Now, take a step back and look at your spaces, whether it’s the study, the kitchen or your living room. How many items do you have standing around? The amount of clutter you allow in your spaces shows much about your personality:

  • Many A-type personalities prefer a place to look sleek and stylish, rather than prioritizing functionality. In this case, many functional items will be stored in cupboards, not placed on counters.
  • A desk with many items in use can show that you’re driven and want to make things happen.
  • The minimalist approach is popular but do you have almost too few items in your home that it ends up not being fully functional? This can signify your fear of commitment; even too apprehensive about picking out décor and furniture.
  • When you’re one of those people who place throw cushions on every chair and sofa you own, you’re a nurturer at heart: you want visitors to feel comfortable when in your space.

What’s on Display?

It’s not only how much you put on display, but WHAT you showcase to your visitors.

You decided to showcase it in a bookcase or on a counter, instead of placing it in a cupboard. Each item, whether it’s a book, a collectible or a painting represents something you want to tell others that enter your front door.

Do you want to tell people about your experiences abroad or ensure them of the knowledge you have, found between pages in all your books? Only you know.

So? What have you learnt about yourself today?

Remember, no décor you’ve placed in your home so far is a mistake. If it matters to you, it SHOULD be there.

But what about using this knowledge for personal growth? Or, if you’ve realised you’re showcasing a unique side of yourself, let’s help you complement that message even more. Check PopUpDesign and discover more perfect furniture pieces that suit you AND your budget.

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